Odour Control and Hygiene Systems

Rubbermaid Commercial Products is a world leader and innovator in automated hygiene and odour control systems for washrooms in commercial buildings. Our range of NEUTRALLE systems are designed to satisfy washroom users by providing clean fixtures and a fresh environment while meeting the low cost demand of business owners.

They are unchallenged in terms of quality, performance and cutting edge technologies, working like a 24-hour janitor to provide automatic air freshening and surface cleaning every few minutes, 24-hours a day.

• Smells Clean - Automatic air care & odour control systems
• Looks Clean - Automatic surface care & hygiene systems
• Feels Clean - Automatic hand washing systems

Rubbermaid Commercial Products has always reached beyond, looking for new ways to automate the washroom, new ways to make washrooms cleaner and more hygienic around the world.

We lead by focusing on innovation, by applying technology so it works, through strong partnerships with our customers, and with a global reach that enables us to develop solutions customized by culture and geography.

Percept General Trading Co. LLC are distributors and stockist for the hygiene range of Rubbermaid Commercial Products for Middle East markets catering customers through traders and also supplying directly to end users in different line of application.

Pulse II

Microburst 3000 System

Auto Foam White

Hand Sanitizer

Push & Wash Dispenser

Spray Soap Dispenser

Push Wash Dispenser

Spray Soap Dispenser

T Cell White

Toilet Seat Cleaner

TSC Dispenser

Auto Janitor

Auto Sanitizer

Foam Soap Stainless Steel


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“ Rubbermaid Commercial Products is the premiere global provider of health and wellness solutions through differentiated, high quality hygiene systems.”

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Technical Concepts is a world leader in air care solutions for Away from Home washrooms
Percept General Trading Co. LLC are agents for Technical Concepts in the UAE and adjoining territories.